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MIG welding machine/ Power source

 The Equipment Needed for MIG Welding?

Welding equipment is essential for MIG welding. The most important piece of equipment is a welder. Other essential pieces of equipment include a MIG welder, safety equipment, shielding gas, electrode wire, metal cutting tool, and accessories. Here is a list of equipment needed for MIG welding, invite you to join us to best prepare for your job!

Common Machine Problems and How to Repair MIG Welding Machine?

How to repair MIG welding machine? When it comes to repairing your MIG welding machines, it is important to have the right tools and know-how. In this blog post, We will outline some of the most common welder problems and how to repair MIG welding machine….

When purchasing a TIG welder for aluminum, there are several factors that you should consider:

– AC/DC capability

– High-frequency start

– Pulse function

– Portability

– Price

What should I consider when purchasing a TIG welder for Aluminum?

Lincoln Electric Square Wave TIG 200

A Dangerous and Challenging Job of MIG Welding Underwater

MIG welding underwater is not a common practice and is generally not recommended due to the high risk of electrocution. Welding produces a large number of sparks and metal splatter, which can conduct electricity in the presence of water. Additionally, the electric arc used in MIG welding produces a large amount of heat, which can pose a hazard to the welder and cause damage to the surrounding area.
If you want to know more about MIG welding underwater, Weld FAQ is ready to start!

How to Weld Cast Iron with MIG Welder – Best Tutorial with 2 Methods

A MIG welder is a device that uses a gas-powered electric arc to join metal pieces. Cast iron is a material that is commonly welded because it generates a lot of heat and frequently has dense welds. Here Weld FAQ provide how to weld cast iron with MIG welder, stay tuned to expand your knowledge!

What Gas for MIG Welding?

When MIG welding, use gas to keep the outside air from coming into touch with the hot arc and the welding material. The shielding gas also contributes to the ease of arc ignition, arc stability, welding spatter control, and excellent detail and aesthetic weld quality. There are many different types of MIG welding machines available, and they are categorized according to the kinds of gases and gas mixes that are permitted for welding. What gas for MIG welding? 

How to Store TIG Welding Rods to Ensure Perfect Weld?

Storage conditions

 The first thing to bear in mind is that these electrodes must be stored in dry, low-humidity settings in order to function effectively. To restore quality whenever the electrodes absorb moisture from the air, dry them right away. The weld will become porous and break if the electrodes absorb too much moisture. So check your storage if you see a decline in electrode arc performance….
rod drying oven

How to choose right TIG Welding Rod?

Welding rods have the function of increasing the strength of the weld, and avoiding rust, so in TIG welding techniques, there are high requirements for the use of welding rods so that the technique is correct. In this article, weldfaq will share TIG welding rod types and How to choose right TIG welding rod.

 How to Setup TIG Welding for Beginners?

TIG welding, also known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), is a type of welding that uses a non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. Here is a basic setup for TIG welding:

1. Power source
2. Tungsten electrode
3. Welding torch
4. Filler metal
5. Gas supply
6. Foot pedal or finger control

How to Clean Aluminum for TIG Welding (Weld FAQ)

How to Clean Aluminum for TIG Welding ?

Besides the rod welding machine, the TIG welding machine is also one of the commonly used welding machines for welding on many materials, including aluminum welding. However, there are many welders who are still confused about how to weld aluminum or create unwanted welds so how to clean aluminum for TIG welding? is always a welding FAQ question for them.

TIG Welding Errors and Troubleshooting?

The welding machine is an electronic device, in the process of use certainly no electronic device can avoid all problems and failures. Moreover, incorrect welding techniques or some omission/redundancy also create bad welds. so what are common TIG welding problems and ways to troubleshoot them?

Common TIG Welding Errors and TIG Troubleshooting Guide

How to Choose TIG Welding Machine for Beginer?

When choosing a TIG welding machine, there are a few factors to consider:

  • Power

  • Duty cycle

  • Type of material

  • Portability

  • Price

  • Brand and warranty

  • User-friendliness

How to choose TIG welding machine and Weld FAQ
Why do I make bad welds? How to fix a bad MIG weld? (Weld FAQ)

Why do I make bad welds?

Welding faults are mistakes that impair the weld’s quality and appearance by deviating from the design in terms of appearance, penetration, and metal organization. Weld FAQ are here to help you find out the cause and how to fix a bad MIG weld

What is a Spot Welding?

Spot welding is still used today even though it was one of the first methods of welding employed. The advantages and industrial uses of this welding technique are numerous. But you may not know What is a Spot Welding? 

What is a Spot Welding Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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