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Write for Us- Guest Post Contact

Welcome to Welding FAQs Blog!

Welding is one of the most popular trades in the world, and for good reason – it’s a versatile, safe and powerful trade. Welding is a great way to create complex structures and parts, and it can be used in a variety of industries.

You are a technical enthusiast – especially welding, and you have a knack for writing. You want to share your valuable experiences with everyone. Or simply, you are someone who wants to learn about the work of a welder. Let’s Write for us or Guest Post Contact us now.

How to Write for Us or Guest Post Contact

We always welcome your contributions- write for us, however as this is a technical site we prioritize the selection of contributions related to ours. Priority is given to sharing equipment linked to welding.

To get started, you should send us an email with the document ( link docs, file docs…) in an attachment to our email: [email protected] with the subject ” Write for Us” or ” Guest post”. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of your emails are addressed in a timely manner. Emails are responded to in the order they are received.


– The article has 3 full edits: introduction, main content and conclusion

– Unique content with at least 800 words by yourself, if your content is longer, that increases the chances of your article getting passed.

– Have a main topic and a concise, focused writing style. Welding and welder-related will be prioritized.

– WeldFAQ.com is an English-language website. So, all email conversations and published articles are in English only.

– Least at 2 unique images in your content

– Only two links at most may be included, and they must naturally fit in with the article’s content. If a consensus cannot be achieved, we will either reject the article outright or remove/modify any such articles we uncover.

– Contain at least 2 H2 in your post layout.

– Avoid duplicating existing articles/content on our website.

Please contact us form if you have any questions.

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